The Saturno Vintage Pendant light from outer space!

We couldn’t help but notice the similarity between our Ferroluce Retro, Italian Ceramic Saturno vintage pendant light and this amazing view of Saturn and its rings. The stunning image is by Lyszly Francsics. He recently won the Special Prize for Infra Red photography in the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 awards.

Just one of our intriguing Ferroluce Retro hand-distressed designs

Picture showing Saturno vintage ceiling lights in vintage green, vintage pink and vintage blue.
Three Ferroluce Retro SATURNO ceiling pendant lights in Vintage Green, Vintage Pink and Vintage Blue
Saturn by Lyszly Francsics
SATURN by Lyszly Francsics

Featuring a smooth, wide rim and hooded, deliberately “rusted” brackets arching upwards at the centre, Saturno’s shape and style is reminiscent of planetary composition. It seems to hover weightlessly (except for its vintage cord of course) in the atmosphere.

Available in three sizes from 25cm in diameter to 40cm and a stunning selection of colour tones. Each model is uniquely hand-distressed before firing to add that air of vintage authenticity. Match with LED vintage filament Edison screw bulbs.

Some of our other Saturno models…

Imagine seeing a Saturno vintage pendant light, or two or three, over a kitchen island. Perhaps each in one of the eight different vivid vintage colours or mixed up instead. Alternatively, match with the Saturno wall lights – in the same or contrasting colours.

The Ferroluce Retro ranges might best be described as industrial and harking back to earlier times yet due to their bright, shiny ceramic sheen and fun faux-decoration they are cheerful but not grungy.

Saturno vintage wall light in vintage orange
SATURNO wall light in Vintage Orange

Or, add in the Saturno ceiling flush light

Saturno vintage ceiling flush light in vintage black
SATURNO ceiling flush light in Vintage Nero

Also available as a Rise & Fall light

Some of our customers have installed a couple of Saturno ceiling pendants combined with one of the amazing Rise and Fall Saturno lights – a vintage take on an original period idea – the light that stays where is it put.

As it is perfectly balanced it only takes fingertip control to move the lamp down for doing close up work or move it up and out of the way when finished.

Saturno vintage rise and fall pendant light in vintage rosso

The totally unique swinging arm wall light

Finally in this collection, the Saturno swinging arm wall light

Saturno vintage swing wall lamp in vintage blue
SATURNO swinging arm light in Vintage Azzuro (Blue)

About Ferroluce Retro

All Ferroluce Retro ceramic lights and lamps are artisan-crafted products made in Italy to order. The intricate distressing is applied by hand, and as can be seen from our images, with no two products being identically alike. Only available from Moonbeam Lighting.

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