To the Horizon Ceiling/Wall light and beyond …

With these new versions of the stunning Horizon glass pendant and 6 vibrant new glass colours

we’re pleased to present Ebb & Flow’s Horizon Ceiling/Wall light – a wonderful extension to their Horizon lighting creations – and just launched at September’s Maison & Objet show in Paris.

New Horizon Ceiling/Wall light in Pool Blue. 4 views.
Horizon in Pool Blue – Side view lit / unlit
Front view unlit / lit

The Horizon Ceiling/Wall light is a true one-off

Made using the same Horizon ceiling pendant mouth blown glass it has a gold or silver metal rear cup. This therefore allows it to double as either a flush-mounted ceiling light or a matching flush-mounted wall light. Furthermore, at the front is a central circular boss also in either gold or silver.

This clever design operates functionally in several ways but as a design-piece it is spectacular. And it has another trick up its sleeve! See the almost flame-like effect given as a the glow of the bulb reflects off that central boss and the insides of the glass – as these images show.

The Horizon Ceiling/Wall light is available in 3 sizes: 21cm, 29cm and 36cm diameter.

New glass colours

All Horizon lights are available in an astonishing 17 colour variations including Pool Blue above and six brand new ones here:

New Horizon Ceiling/Wall light in 6 of the new glass colours
Angry Sea / Toast / Chameleon with Silver
Ruby / Bright Coral / Chameleon with Gold

Beyond the blue Horizon…

and beyond Pool Blue and Angry Sea, choose from Deep Blue and Topaz Blue and the astonishing Chameleon. The latter seemingly ever-changing in colour like a soap bubble and available with either Gold or Silver fittings.

See the Horizon Ceiling Pendant in some of the new shades

Horizon Ceiling Pendant in 3 of the new glass colours
Angry Sea / Bright Coral / Toast

And not forgetting the new Horizon wall light

Following on from the gorgeous Horizon ceiling pendant and flush ceiling/wall designs, come these 21cm diameter wall lights. And these all have the unique ‘horizontal’ shape that complements their big brother pendants.

New Horizon wall light in 3 of the new glass colours
Golden Smoke / Smokey Grey / Deep Blue

Gold or silver arms and wall cups are available. Cleverly, like our Ebb & Flow Rowan wall lights, you can either connect them directly into a wall supply or, if not available, connect via an external power cable to a plug socket.

The new Horizon Ceiling/Wall light in Obsidian - front view and lit
Horizon ceiling/wall light in Obsidian – Front view lit

Designed and hand-finished in Denmark these true Scandinavian designs are at home in any environment.

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