Dining Table Lighting Ideas to Create the Perfect Ambience

Dining table lighting has the power to transform your eating experience, altering the mood and ambience of the entire room.

Cut renovation costs and add an extra layer of luxury, romance and conversation to your mealtimes by exploring these magnificent dining table lighting ideas.

Creating a focal point with dining table lighting

Lighting can draw attention to specific areas and features, creating a focal point in the room. A stunning dining set deserves to be the star of your dining room, and there’s no better way to make that happen than highlighting it with your fixtures.

To add the “wow” factor to your dining table, pick lighting that is directed towards it. This can be in the form of a pendant that hangs above the table, or a series of lamps.

Series of pendant lamps highlighting a dining room table
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Choosing the correct height

Your dining table light fixtures need to hang at a height that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. While you don’t want to be banging your head while walking around your dining room, you also want the light to be prominent, guiding your visitor’s eyes to the room’s focal point.

If you’re installing pendants or a chandelier, we advise hanging them at a height between 30 and 36 inches above the top of the table. Fixtures should be at least seven feet from the floor to avoid becoming an obstacle for your taller guests to navigate around.

Chandelier hanging above table and chairs
Elstead AEGEAN Chandelier 8-Light

Choosing the correct shape

It’s important to base your choice of lighting on the size, style and shape of the table, rather than the room itself. For instance, a round fixture like a chandelier looks spectacular sitting above a round table, but a rectangular table should be complemented by more linear fixtures.

Series of pendant lamps hanging above dining table

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Choosing the right style

Lighting must complement the furniture and style of the room. A chandelier will clash with an industrial-style dining room, but it would look spectacular in a lavish, luxurious space. Meanwhile, scandi light fixtures and cord pendants accentuate minimalist, clean, functional design.

Pendant lamps highlighting a dining room table
EBB & FLOW HORIZON Ceiling Pendant

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The flexibility of pendants

As well as their obvious visual appeal, pendants are also versatile, allowing you to add as much light to specific places as you wish.

Our designer pendants come in a range of styles, materials, sizes, lengths and numbers, making them the perfect focal point or a source of understated elegance.

Pendant lights hanging above dining table
EBB & FLOW ROWAN Ceiling Pendant
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The right amount of light

Bear in mind that you’ll mostly be using your dining table in the evening. This means the right level of light is key to creating the ideal atmosphere for socialising and dining.

You need enough light to enjoy socialising and the culinary experience, but not so much that it hurts your eyes or drains the warmth out of the room. Fixtures that have a lot of bulbs (like chandeliers) will benefit from a dimmer switch, so that you can control the amount of light it emits.

Series of pendant lamps highlighting a dining room table
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Lighting tips


Changing your light fixtures often requires labour costs, especially if you wish to move your fixtures or introduce additional ceiling or wall lighting.

Installing new ceiling lights involves redirecting electrical cabling, and this can result in significant costs. When choosing the layout of your dining room, it’s worth considering if you can move your table first, before opting to move your fixtures.

What else is your dining room used for?

Traditionally, dining rooms are used for hosting and enjoying meals. However, they can also be used for family time, activities and working. With more people working from home than ever before, many dining tables are now doubling up as desk spaces. 

When picking your lighting, be sure to bear in mind the various ways in which you use your table.

Ceiling pendant hanging in the dining room
EBB & FLOW HORIZON Ceiling Pendant
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The different types of light

Lighting is all about creating the right atmosphere. Your choice of fixtures has an impact on the entire mood of your dining room. Consider the following types of lighting when exploring our range of dining room fixtures and pendants:

  • Ambient lighting – All-encompassing light emitted throughout the space.
  • Task lighting – a strong, direct, focused light designed for specific actions (working, eating etc)
  • Accent lighting – Used to accentuate and highlight a certain area, object or piece of furniture (like your dining table).
Series of pendant lights hanging above the kitchen table
EBB & FLOW HORIZON Ceiling Pendant

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