Why do chandelier lights flicker?

Bright, beautiful, a sight to behold – chandeliers are popular for a reason. But even with the plethora of styles and designs now available, one common issue remains. So why do chandelier lights flicker, should you be concerned – and how can you prevent flickering bulbs?

Why do chandelier lights flicker?

There are several reasons why your chandelier lights may flicker. The flickering could be caused by one specific problem, or multiple issues manifesting as faltering bulbs. To discover the root of the issue there are firstly some questions you should ask. How old is your chandelier? Older light fixtures and antiques can be prone to faulty wiring, poor connections and looser bulb mounts – all of which can result in an unsteady flow of electricity to the bulb itself. Is your chandelier linked to a dimmer switch? If so, this could be behind the flickering bulb issue. How big is your chandelier? Chandeliers by default are bigger then conventional ceiling or pendant lights and feature multiple bulb sockets. Larger light fittings naturally draw a larger current – sometimes resulting in surges and dips in electricity which temporarily dim and brighten the light emitted by bulbs.

flickering chandelier Flickering chandeliers – a thing of the past?

In simpler times of bygone eras a flickering chandelier (and indeed flickering light fittings of all styles and designs) were pretty mainstream. This was the case for a number of reasons – primarily the size of chandeliers, and also the primitive nature of electricity. Often antique classic chandeliers suffered from wiring glitches and breakers that eroded more easily over time – and their sheer size meant that they drew a large current, causing power surges to result in flickering bulbs. For this reason chandeliers with some age to them are more prone to flickering – but it can still be an issue with modern designs.

Should I be concerned when my chandelier lights flicker?

Sometimes, flickering chandelier lights should be a cause for concern. If you are experiencing these types of issues with a modern chandelier, it’s worth checking that everything is in good working order within the light fitting itself – as well as your home’s wiring system. When wiring connections are faulty, for example, they can result in high levels of heat, which could pose a fire risk or possibility of electrocution. Always enlist professional help from a qualified electrician to avoid injury.

How can I stop my chandelier from flickering?

Once you’ve identified that the cause behind your chandelier flickering isn’t a safety concern, you can then look to explore other reasons which may be easily remedied. For example, if your flickering chandelier is caused by a dimmer switch, check to see whether the dimmer is compatible with your light fixture. Many are designed for high electrical loads, so low-voltage bulbs and LEDs can flicker if teamed up with a standard dimmer switch. You may also find that a change of bulb may eliminate flickering – as inappropriate voltage or bulb type may be the culprit behind it. Always check the manufacturer recommendations when purchasing bulbs, as this is the surest way to avoid problems such as flickering and dimming.

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