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bulb 25/04/2018

Why bulbs burn out – and how you can prevent it

  There’s nothing more frustrating than having that one light fitting that seems to constantly require a replacement bulb. It blows, so you change it – only to find yourself with a case of déjà vu just a few months down the line. If your bulbs seem to constantly burn out and don’t last as long as you’d like, there could be a few reasons behind it. So why do bulbs burn out? There are several issues that can cause bulbs to blow or burn out – but the good... Read More


How to improve bedroom lighting

Multi-functional spaces like bedrooms often pose problems for homeowners and budding interior designers who want to optimise and beautify with intelligent and creative lighting solutions. Practical yet pretty – functional, but fluid with the rest of your design scheme. The bedroom is a versatile space requiring flexible thinking when it comes to lighting – but the good news is that a structured and considered approach can turn it into the haven of peace and tranquillity you desire. Minimise bright lighting, maximise your sleep Bright incandescent lighting has been shown to... Read More

google home 01/03/2018

What lighting works with Google Home?

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are slowly revolutionising the way we live, work and play at home. Over 6 million Google Home devices have been sold since October 2017 – a number that continues to rise alongside the helpful device’s list of handy capabilities. One such capacity amongst Google Home’s many features is Smart Lighting – which enables you to verbally switch lights on and off, activate dimming and brightening and even change colour. So how can you seamlessly integrate your Google Home device into existing home lighting schemes with... Read More

desk lamp 08/02/2018

Which type of desk lamp is best for your eyes?

Working for hours on end in dim or dark light can place considerable strain on the eyes – resulting in premature ageing of the eyes, the potential for damage and strain causing headaches or migraines. But prolonged exposure to bright lamps can also wreak havoc on our body’s internal processing, affecting sleep patterns and impairing productivity. An epidemic of short-sightedness across the western world and first world countries has been widely attributed to the prevalence of artificial light – from lamps, smartphones and television or computer screens – so it’s... Read More

LED bulb 01/02/2018

Are LED bulbs worth the price?

As energy management tools become increasingly sophisticated and focus shifts between saving money and protecting the environment, more and more homeowners are asking, ‘are LED bulbs worth the price?’ The answer isn’t a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – but by considering just a few key points you can decide whether making the switch to LED will mean you’ll have a higher price to pay for lighting your home. Greater economy from LED bulbs = more significant savings on the whole LED lighting bulbs have increased in popularity in recent years... Read More

flicker 27/12/2017

Why do chandelier lights flicker?

Bright, beautiful, a sight to behold – chandeliers are popular for a reason. But even with the plethora of styles and designs now available, one common issue remains. So why do chandelier lights flicker, should you be concerned – and how can you prevent flickering bulbs? Why do chandelier lights flicker? There are several reasons why your chandelier lights may flicker. The flickering could be caused by one specific problem, or multiple issues manifesting as faltering bulbs. To discover the root of the issue there are firstly some questions you... Read More