bright lighting bad for you 08/01/2018

Is bright lighting bad for you?

These days it can be so easy to worry about what we need to do to stay healthy – and what we need to avoid. One day something is bad for you – the next it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Separating fact from fiction isn’t always so easy to do – especially when it comes to discovering new ways to stay healthy in the age of modern technologies and busier lifestyles. So is bright lighting really bad for you? Read on to find out why exposure matters –... Read More

chandelier 11/12/2017

British woman due to wed chandelier

This week social networks have been positively buzzing with the news that someone loves chandeliers even more than we do here at Moonbeam Lighting! British woman Amanda Liberty recently announced that she proposed to her favourite chandelier, Lumiere, on Valentine’s Day this year – with a wedding in the wings next year. Named after the animated candelabra in Disney favourite Beauty and the Beast, the crystal chandelier is just one in her collection of 25 chandeliers, who she insists ‘aren’t jealous’ following the announcement. The thirty-three year old from Leeds... Read More