How can lighting change a room? 5 inspiring ideas

Anyone who has swapped a severe fluorescent light in favour of a softly glowing lamp or replaced a bare bulb with a glittering chandelier knows that a change of lighting can simply transform a room. There are so many different ways lighting can influence the look and feel of your home – so here we share a few of our favourite inspirations to help you to incorporate lighting consciously into your interior design and achieve your desired look effortlessly.

Open up smaller spaces

Lighting can quickly and easily open up smaller spaces when specific techniques are employed in a purposeful, targeted manner. Intelligent lighting is directional – which means it is perfectly positioned to beam light upwards and outwards, creating the illusion of greater space. If low ceilings or lack of space is causing your room to feel cramped and claustrophobic, large table or floor lamps and wall lighting can be used to throw light (and the eye) upwards, opening up the area around them. Accent lighting is another innovative method that can easily be employed to emphasise certain areas of a room in order to draw the eye to a specific focal point.

Create mood and ambience

Lighting is one of the best and arguably simplest ways to create a beautifully warm and welcoming atmosphere in a room – or instil a specific ambience. Calm and collected, sultry and dark – perhaps you want to accentuate artwork or sculpture, or draw the eye towards a centrepiece like a fireplace or dining table. Uplighters can be used to dramatic effect in a cinema room – whilst gentler, softer warm lighting can transform a standard bathroom into a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. Mood lighting also depends on the purpose and function of your space. For example, a cosy warm ambience may be appropriate for a snug or living room, whereas a kitchen or hallway requires adequate light from a practical perspective.

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Rebalance and repurpose

Lighting can be used to intelligently and subtly divide a space – or completely overhaul a room. By grouping pools of light into specific areas, you can create ‘zones’ for different purposes. This is great for multi-functional or transitional spaces such as kitchen diners, larger living rooms and anyone requiring home office space that integrates seamlessly within an existing room. It is an especially useful technique for homeowners with large spaces to ‘fill’ – as dividing them up can help you to make the most out of them and get much more enjoyment without the upheaval of building work or purchasing new furniture.

Better lighting = improved health and wellbeing

A purposeful approach to lighting has been shown to have various health benefits for body and mind – especially during darker winter months, when daylight hours shorten and evenings lengthen. Make sure you always have adequate light – and opt for fixtures and bulbs that mimic the ambience of natural light, like intelligent LEDs. Warm, glowing candles and strings of pretty fairy lights can also brighten things up and instil a sense of calm and contentment in line with popular Danish design discipline ‘hygge’. Learn more about how lighting can improve mood and health on the blog here.

how can lighting change a roomMake life easier with practical, convenient lighting solutions

Whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the design and styling side of things when you rearrange a room or move into a new house, it’s also easy to forget that living spaces are for just that – living in. It can be difficult to focus on practicality whilst also considering visual appeal – especially when you’ve got a specific look in mind or have destined a certain style for a special area within the home. Luckily lighting can be functional and fanciful – so achieving the best of both worlds may not be as tricky as it first seems. Take Elstead’s Provence Rise & Fall Lighting for example – perfect for kitchen units and dining tables where the flexibility of a little extra light is needed at certain ties throughout the day. Meanwhile Ferroluce Retro’s Saturno Swing Light can be used to light specific areas at a time – ideal for living rooms or bedrooms that double up as office space. It’s also neatly tucked against the wall when not in use.

Feeling inspired? Head back to the blog for more innovative interior design tips – or check out our newest designer lighting collections.

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