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bedroom lighting 28/08/2018

Five bedroom lighting ideas to try now

The bedroom was once only a place for sleeping – but its activities have diversified to include rest and relaxation, work, family time and the morning routine – getting up and ready for the day. As a result the time we spend in the bedroom has increased over the years. No matter what size, shape or style your bedroom is in, we’ve compiled our favourite bedroom lighting ideas to help you to create a peaceful and pleasant ambience to help you enjoy the space during the day and at night.... Read More

design 02/08/2018

Expert lighting tips guaranteed to give your design the edge

Lighting can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to interior design – but it’s a crucial element that can make or break the finished look. Here we share five expert lighting tips from interior designers, who explain how they use light intelligently to create style and ambience in a range of settings. ‘Stop focusing only on ceiling lights’ “Even the most luxurious room can be ruined with poor lighting.” Fresh Home’s Shelley Little tells Industville. “The biggest mistake is made by thinking all one needs is some ceiling lights. Lighting... Read More

25 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas 04/07/2018

25 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Here at Moonbeam Lighting, we are always searching for the best ways to light the rooms in your house. One of the most difficult rooms to get the lighting right is the kitchen. It is full of awkward angles, light blocking cupboards and hard to get to spaces. Modern kitchens tend to be more open plan, and therefore easier to lights.  Rise and fall lighting is becoming increasingly more important with the explosion of kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Under cupboard, lighting is becoming more popular with the universal takeover... Read More

interior designers 26/06/2018

Five lighting brands perfect for interior designers

Beautiful, functional lighting is integral to any living space or commercial environment. Too bright, too dim, poorly presented – it’s easy to get it wrong and set the feel of a space completely off-kilter if you get it wrong at this stage. At Moonbeam Lighting we know how important the role lighting plays within a finished interior can be – from both a design perspective and in the way that it illuminates and enhances a space. Here we share five of our favourite lighting brands for interior designers and explain... Read More

Moonbeam Lighting – Now on Houzz

Did you hear the latest? We’ve just been selected as a Houzz preferred supplier – and in the same month we’ve been accredited by the Lighting Industry Association. Understandably we’re incredibly excited to share this news – but what does it mean for you? Moonbeam Lighting – now on Houzz Houzz is an online community and hub for anybody interested in architecture, interior design and home improvement. But it’s especially useful to those who appreciate great lighting design and which, as you know, can fundamentally change the whole ambience and... Read More

texture 30/04/2018

Textured lighting – our pick

Interior design is a sensory discipline – sight, sound, scent. But texture and touch are also crucially important – not just in the physical sense, but also in the way that we interpret and view different textures in conjunction with various backdrops and accompanying features. Here we share our top pick of textured lighting to effortlessly introduce different dimensions to an otherwise clean, flat space. Allier by Feiss Ultra-modern, effortlessly polished – Allier by Feiss is inspired by the organic textures of nature – think thick, bowing branches interlaced to... Read More

bulb 25/04/2018

Why bulbs burn out – and how you can prevent it

  There’s nothing more frustrating than having that one light fitting that seems to constantly require a replacement bulb. It blows, so you change it – only to find yourself with a case of déjà vu just a few months down the line. If your bulbs seem to constantly burn out and don’t last as long as you’d like, there could be a few reasons behind it. So why do bulbs burn out? There are several issues that can cause bulbs to blow or burn out – but the good... Read More

danish 18/04/2018

Beat the drab days – with our Danish-designed lampshades

It may be officially Spring – but Autumnal weather and unexpected storms have got us wrapping up and snuggling down indoors. Cosy lighting – and who better than those hailing from the home of hygge to help us feel a little brighter? Last month we introduced brand new collections from daring Danish lighting brand Ebb and Flow. The company specialises in stunning mouth-blown fine glass designs, with quirky colours and on-trend tints characteristic of each collection. Alongside the beautiful, hand-crafted glass creations on offer designer Susanne Nielsen created several stunning... Read More

crystal 11/04/2018

All that glitters…the beautiful science behind crystal lighting

Crystal has long been used to enhance and stylise lighting. It is thought to have first been featured in the magnificent chandeliers in palatial residences of Italy, France and Russia in the 16th Century. Now it is a coveted material – used in a variety of ways in the home to beautify and bejewel. Danish brand Ebb & Flow’s crystal collection is new for 2018 at Moonbeam Lighting – with designer and founder Susanne Nielsen explaining: “Lead crystal is such a noble art form…it has impossible sparkle and clarity to... Read More

country 03/04/2018

Country charm…

…our pick of rural-inspired lighting for World Tweed Day   The third of this month marks World Tweed Day – a momentous occasion for lovers of the rich, thick woven material made with strong wool fibres. Although it was once a material most popular with clothing for rural folk ‘up North’ it’s now a fashionable texture within interior design circles – used for upholstery, soft furnishings and even linenware. To celebrate we’ve selected our pick of county-inspired lighting – perfect for rural interiors and classic design schemes. Laila by Quoizel... Read More